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    Uganda possesses abundant potential in areas like timber processing for export,
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    Stable Economic Growth
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    Uganda is among leading producers of coffee and bananas.
  • Olive Kigongo, Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(UNCCI) President and UNCCI Directors having a photo session with Officials of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Advertise with the Chamber

Why become a UNCCI member?

Why become a UNCCI member?

Uganda National Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UNCCI) offers the business community affordable advertising rates in various publications. These options are as below;

Advertising contacts:

Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI)
Plot 1A, Kira Road, Mulago, Kampala, UGANDA
Tel: +256 753 503035 / +256 312 266 323
Mob: +256 750 788220, +256 750 788100, +256 750 788400

Advertising emails –
it@chamberuganda.com, communications@chamberuganda.com, finance@chamberuganda.com, membership@chamberuganda.com

You can advertise in one of Our various media. The 24/7 online website, the chamber Magazine, the Chamber newsletter and The Chamber Directory


website-uncciWith an average of 1.1 million page views each month, UNCCI online website (www.chamberuganda.com) is among the top-viewed business information portal in world.

Our website features up-to-date information on trade, business opportunities, UNCCI services and activities, membership information, directory of UNCCI memberships, news and events, information about Uganda, etc

We offer the business community an opportunity to reach their target consumer and marketing goals through advertising on our website at affordable rates.

  Ad sizes and page locations Monthly 6 months 12 months
1 978 × 273px header section – slider $ 100 $ 500 $ 1000
2 347  X 100 px right hand (sidebar) $ 90 $ 550 $ 900
3 347 X 216 px  right hand slider(sidebar) $ 82 $ 410 $ 820
4 150 X 230 bottom slider $ 60 $ 300 $ 600
5 For Any size Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable


magazine-uncciThe chamber Magazine comes out every quarter the year. Catch the latest and topical articles on business environment in Uganda, and activities undertaken by UNCCI, its international and local partners.

Our rates are affordable because we value your money and focus on enhancing your business.

size code 1 Issue
Full page 26cm(l)x21cm(w) F 2,000,000
½page10.5cm(w/l)x26cm(l/w)Portrait or landscape HH/HV 1,000,000
1/4page 10.5cm(w)x13cm(l) QH/QV 550,000
Spread (Double face print) F 3,050,000
Special  positions    
Outside back cover F 2,210,000
Inside Front Cover F 2,100,000>

The Chamber Newsletter

uncci-newsletterThe Chamber Newsletter comes out every month. Our objective is to update UNCCI membership, business community, and the public on trade-happenings, upcoming events and business opportunities in the chamber, EAC region and the globe.

The Chamber Newsletter also serves as an affordable advertising outlet mailed to over 200 million businesses, partners and donors addresses.

You can insert a business format advert in the UNCCI Newsletter to as low as 50 $ per issue.

The Chamber Business Directory

The chamber Business Directory comes both on print media and CD (Digital format) and distributed to over 200 million businesses, NGOs, civil society organizations, and the general public.  UNCCI hosts an average of over 60 international inward/outward trade delegations, over 200 workshops/conferences and affiliated to 36 chambers of commerce in all countries; All these serves as our communication and dissemination channels of our directory.  Discover your business growth, visibility, increased cross-border markets, ideal customers, and credibility of your business by advertising in the Chamber Business Directory. Our rates are affordable because we value your money and focus on enhancing your business.

1 Outside Back cover 4.75 inches wide × 7.75 inches tall $ 1680 (Ug.X 4,200,000 /=)
2 Inside covers 4.75 inches wide × 7.75 inches tall $ 1480 (Ug.X 3,700,000 /=)
3 Inside full page 4.75 inches wide × 7.75 inches tall $ 800 (Ug.X 2,000,000 /=)
5 1/2 Page (Half page) 4.75 inches wide × 3.75 inches tall $ 480 (Ug.X 1,200,000)
6 1/4 Page (Quarter page) 4.75 inches wide × 2 inches tall $ 340 (Ug.X 850,000m)
7 Super Listings $ 20 (Ug.X 50,000 /=)
8 Super Listings with Logo $ 40 (Ug.X 100,000/=)
9 Extra Listings $ 12 (Ug.X 30,000m)
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