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  • Olive Kigongo, Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(UNCCI) President and UNCCI Directors having a photo session with Officials of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Crude oil and semi-finished oil needed in China

A private petroleum refinery in Shanghai, China seeks  crude oil or semi-finished oil in Uganda to be exported to China for refinement. 

The Chinese company is also considering to work with Ugandan partner to establish a local refinery in Uganda.

 If you are interested, please contact :

Tony Wamala: Information Technology Officer

Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI)

Plot 1A, Kira Road, Mulago, Kampala, UGANDA

Tel: +256 753 503035 / +256 392 266 323

Mob: +256 774 342 220/ +256 750 788220

Email: tony.wamala@chamberuganda.com

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