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Breaking News

Food prices hike as rainy season wanes in Uganda

Those who are used to eating meat will now buy at 10k per kilo. Maize floor which is the staple for the urban poor and villagers has reached 3,000/= per kilo! Rice, Irish potatoes goes for 5,000/= per kilo! Even cheap foodstuff like cassava is slowly becoming ostentatious at 1,500 per kilo.

Don’t even try balance diet because fruits and vegetable that contains vitamins and micro-nutrients are exorbitant. World wars I and II taught Europeans to have small families to avoid embarrassment of starvation. Now climate change and market economy will painfully teach Ugandans that producing many children that you can’t feed is a sin! Most families in both rural and urban areas, even in Kampala now have one meal a day. Gluttony is now the preserve of nouveau riche who can afford three meals a day.

For majority there is no need for physical exercise because starvation will trim you in shape. Blame it on the rains! June is dry and perhaps July may be the same. Gone is the cliché that Uganda is the food basket, for famine looms for many in the Pearl of Africa!

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