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  • Olive Kigongo, Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(UNCCI) President and UNCCI Directors having a photo session with Officials of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Business related Laws Enacted by Parliament of Uganda in Five Years (2011- 2016)

Date Passed Title Of Bill
03/03/16 The Uganda Development Cooperation Bill,2015
01/03/16 The Capital Markets Authority (Amendment) Bill,2015
06/01/16 The Financial Institutions (Amendment) Bill 2015
12/11/15 The Lotteries And Gaming Bill,2013
1/07/15 The Public Private Partnership Bill,2014
27/05/15 The East African Development Bank (Amendment) Bill,2015
27/05/15 The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill,2015
13/05/15 The Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill,2015
12/05/15 The Finance Bill,2015
06/05/15 The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill,2015
30/04/15 The Business Licenses (Miscellaneous Repeals) Bill,2015
26/03/15 The Hotel & Tourism Training Institute Bill,2013
10/03/15 The Trade (Licensing) (Amendment) Bill,2012
12/11/14 The Plant Protection And Health Bill,2010
08/10/14 The Excise Duty Bill,2013
08/10/14 The Finance Bill 2014
23/09/14 The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill,2014
16/09/14 The Tax Procedures Code Bill,2014
15/09/14 The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill,2014
15/09/14 The Stamps Duty Bill,2013
17/07/14 Public Private Partnership Bill,2012
05/12/13 The Free Zones Bill,2012
19/09/13 The Excise Tariff (Amendment) Bill,2013
19/09/13 The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill,2013
19/09/13 The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill,2013
18/09/13 The Finance Bill,2013
18/09/13 The East African Excise Management (Amendment) Bill,2013
21/08/13 The Industrial Property  Bill,2009
10/07/13 The Anti-Money Laundering Bill,2009
22/05/13 The Building Control Bill 2012
21/02/13 The Petroleum (Refining, Gas Processing And Conversion, Transportation And Storage) Bill,2012
06/02/13 The Geographical Indications Bill,2008
07/12/12 The Petroleum (Exploration, Development And Production) Bill,2012
22/03/12 The Companies Bill,2009
15/09/12 The Appropriations Bill,2011
09/09/11 The Income Tax (Amendment) Bill,2011
07/09/11 The Value Added Tax (Amendment)Bill,2011
07/09/11 Stamps (Amendment) Bill,2011

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