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  • Olive Kigongo, Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry(UNCCI) President and UNCCI Directors having a photo session with Officials of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry



DirectorThe Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a secretariat which is charged with the overall duty of overseeing the day to day activities of the Chamber throughout the country. The secretariat is divided into the following departments:


The Secretary General is responsible:

for the overall leadership, development, coordination and management of the Secretariat.

set strategy and vision, builds culture and teams and ensures overall business sustainability.

Ezra Rubanda :  Ag. Secretary General


The department of Finance and Administration is mandated to:

Ensure proper financial management over all UNCCI activities.

Provide strategic direction and leadership in income generation.

Ensure strong internal controls over all assets and revenues of the Chamber.

Strengthen Management Systems for cost – effective functions and increased staff output.

Periodic review for rewarding working environment and competitive Secretariat staff remuneration.

Streamlining Revenue Collections from all the Active Districts.

Prepare and arrange for Annual External Audits. 


The department of Business Development Service Department is mandated to:

Provide business advisory services and develop inbound and outbound new business opportunities for members

Organize and facilitate training/capacity building programs

Support marketing activities, including Trade Fairs, Scientific Shows

Design programs for business matching for partners nationally, regionally and internationally

Coordinate consultancy services.


The department of Communication is mandated to:

media and communications platform;

enhance visibility and corporate image;

and serve the interests of membership.

Roles of IT Section.

Manage and maintain all communication platforms including the UNCCI website, its publications.

Empowering UNCCI Staff and its Members with current and competitive ICT solutions and e-knowledge.

Provide training and advice on IT and other related matters to UNCCI Departments and UNCCI Members

Promote suitable business environments for SMEs( business community) through technology


The department of Policy, Research, Lobby and Advocacy is mandated to:

Lobbing and Advocacy: Private sector voice

Policy analysis: Analysis of government policies attached to business communities

Undertake Research: to collect and monitor the trade industry Statistics and follow trends in trade litereture

forge strategic alliances, locally, regionally, and internationally with major business advocacy groups to broaden platforms for representation and advocacy; andto publish trade journals.

Membership Department

This department is responsible for;

Ensure steady membership growth

Maintain an authentic membership database

Implement innovative and aggressive membership mobilization initiatives involving the Board

Work with other departments to develop and provide services in relevant areas

Strengthen coordination between Secretariat & district offices

It also caters for the recruitment and well-being of all members in the 80 districts across Uganda.

This dynamic department is responsible for managing the Chamber’s documentation and archives.

The team under this unit also manages the customer relations
function as the first point of contact at the Secretariat.

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