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Breaking News

The National Budget read in favor of Infrastructure

If your business is in road, railway, refinery, pipeline and power sectors then you have reason to smile after the Budget was read by Hon. Matia Kasajja. It is so because over 4 trillion shilling was offered for those sectors.

Likewise if Government of Uganda owes you some money, be ready to smile all the way to your bank, because over 2 trillion shilling was to redeem repayment of loans. Equally if you are in the security sector, then your activities are properly secured because the dime of over 3 trillion is there for you to partake.

However as mentioned in the Bible: those who have little even that will be taken away! Happy are the poor for theirs are in heaven! Agriculture with over 70% of Ugandans employed yearned with only 3.5% of the National Budget! Who said the Maputo Declaration of 10% of the GDP is important for agriculture-the sector of the poor? Trade Industry and Cooperatives had only 98 billion dropped in their begging bowl! Traders who had hope of payment of domestic arrears got 300 billion out of 2.8 trillion accumulated! Tourism which is the cash cow got a paltry 0.3% of the Budget!

The Budget of 28.5 trillion shilling was read with utmost agility, though majority of people are expected to pick their share from the bits and pieces dropping from the high table of infrastructure.

Minister of Finance Planning & Economic Development, Hon. Matia Kasajja holds the brief case containing the Budget 2017-2018, at Serena Conference Centre, June 7, 2017. File Photo.

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