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Breaking News

UNCCI Urges Ugandans to Take Advantage of EAC Tax Reviews

In accordance to articles 12(3) and 39(c) of the protocol on establishment of the East African Community Customs Union, the Council of Ministers has approved a set of revised tax structure aiming at improving business flow between EAC countries.

The tax amendments will benefit those in manufacturing, trading, construction communication, electrical, beverages, government suppliers, printing, suppliers of raw materials, etc.

Overall Rwanda and Burundi have taken tremendous steps in improving doing of business for EAC business community.

As a matter of progress UNCCI urges its members to make use of the herein provided information about the new tax structure by identifying their relevant items and assess respective favourable markets.

This arrangement takes effect on 1st July 2015.

UNCCI welcomes your comments and call for clarifications through Email: policy@chamberuganda.com.

UNCCI together with URA will be conducting an interpretation dialogue on dates to be communicated.

EAC GAZETTE No. 12 OF 2015

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