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Provide a platform for Networking for Business community


Through annual dinners, meetings, conferences and other events organized by the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, its members are able to network with one another and even build up business relationships through being bonded together by the Chamber spirit.

In every part of the world building reliable and credible business networks is not an easy task. This is why the Chamber steps in to fill such gaps for its members so as to help them grow by enforcing them with partners who matter and who can deliver them to the next level that they would like their businesses to reach.

A large of Chamber members can testify to a variety of opportunities that have come their way through merely interacting with other chamber members while networking at such events. Interaction and exchange of ideas is an essential ingredient to keeping up with the dynamic and ever changing face of the business scene and if one is to keep on track the most appropriate mode would be to take advantage of the networking platforms that the chamber offers to its members.


Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

The Chamber has the most efficient expertise tailored to cater for the needs of the business community, ranging from small retail outlets to huge multinational corporations. This therefore makes it ideal for membership due to the business advisory and development services that the Chamber offers. Business is one of the most dynamic activities in the world and due to its ever changing nature it presents a number of hardships especially to those involved in deciding the future of different businesses.

In addition to the constant pressure to innovate and improve lies the fear of making wrong business decisions. In order to curb the risk that is entailed in extremely difficult business decisions the chamber offers excellent business advisory services by its highly skilled business development services in order to help you make a much better and well calculated decision that is bound to help your business grow.


Arbitration of Business Disputes

Business Advisory Services

In cases where disputes arise usually between businesses or the business community and the Government, the Chamber can intervene and play a mediatory role in order to maintain lawfulness and calm within the business community.

It is always an uphill task to keep all sections of the country’s population happy therefore it is normal for disputes to emerge both within the business community and at times between the business community and the Government. It therefore becomes of essence for the Chamber to chip in and intervene in arbitrating some of these disputes. Due to the chambers broad scope of membership from companies involved in several different trades and its vast knowledge concerning business practices, it is well positioned to cater for and efficiently carry out duties involved with the arbitration of business disputes.


Support young entrepreneurs through the Young Achievers Awards

Business Advisory Services

The Chamber of Commerce plays a major role in supporting young entrepreneurs by supporting the annual Young achievers awards which is a vital motivational tool in promoting the entrepreneurial culture among the younger generation. Entrepreneurship has been noted as one of the most effective tools to eradicating poverty in African countries which suffer from fast growing populations and at the same time have some of the world’s highest unemployment rates.

The chamber has therefore endeavored to play a major role in supporting initiatives like the young achiever’s awards which promote innovativeness and creativity amongst the youth so as to promote the effectiveness of the tool of entrepreneurship in fighting poverty within Uganda. This initiative has been well received in Uganda and a large section of Ugandans look forward to it annually because it is always encouraging to be rewarded for efforts well spent in positively transforming the country through unique and innovative ideas.


Dissemination of up-to-date Business Information and Opportunities

Business Advisory Services

The business community is ever in search for up to date reliable information pertaining to the different trades that they are engaged in. The chamber is the one stop centre for all these needs since all relevant information can be obtained at the Uganda chamber of commerce in addition to a wide range of opportunities that one can obtain by merely becoming a member. The world is a global village today and several barriers have been broken down through modern technology and communication systems. The Chamber plays a major role of searching for opportunities from allover the world for its members.

These can be in the form of traders in search of suppliers of certain commodities that a certain member might be supplying and so on. The chamber is also a one stop centre for foreign business men in search of trade opportunities in Uganda and through the chamber members can easily access information such as this and readily position themselves so as to take advantage of such opportunities that come their way.


Facilitating Joint venture and Business matchmaking

services_image/Vocational skills development

Business matchmaking is another interesting service that is offered by the Chamber and it arises from the fact that the Chamber has a broad membership and it is a lot easier for us to connect one member in need of something to one who is supplying it. The Chamber takes its duties to the business community very seriously and this is why they go a step further to identify opportunities for chamber members among themselves so as to make their union more productive and attractive.

This service greatly increases chances of Chamber members doing business with one another and enables them to clench deals which would otherwise not have come their way. In addition to this the chamber also has a large of the Chambers with which they partner with on a number of projects and this opens up even newer avenues to search for business opportunities for their members.


Customized statistical reports

Statistical report

The Chamber also produces a number of customized reports which are used to help in decision making processes by business people allover the country. Every top executive dreads making a wrong decision that results in massive loss of money to their companies. The only true way to avert such disastrous mistakes is by basing decisions on credible, up to date information concerning the latest business trends and figures. Such information is not easy to find however we are able to provide the most current and relevant customized statistical reports and business advice to our members in order to facilitate proper business decision making and planning.


Facilitate inward and outward trade and investment missions

Statistical report

There are a number of inward and outward trade missions in which the Chamber has participated in. The Chamber has also made it possible for a good number of its members to take part in these activities like trade shows and exhibitions which greatly contribute to the development of business enterprises.Marketing oneself or their products is essential and of the most thrilling and adventurous techniques of doing this is through participating in inward and outward trade missions. This can involve travelling to other countries to sell your products or to buy machinery that is on offer at attractive prices.

Through becoming a member of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce all the opportunities can be unfolded and presented to you since as the chamber we are able to lead you through it all and deliver to opportunities that you and your business had never imagined. The vast contacts and relationships that the chamber has been able to build over these many years of existence make it the ideal partner for the most fruitful business adventure when taking part in trade missions.


Tax seminars 

UNCCI is actively involved in offering information concerning tax to the general public and the business community in particular. There is a common perception that business people and tax authorities are enemies however at the chamber we work towards making this perception a thing of the past. Through actively engaging members of the business community and representatives of the Uganda Revenue Authority in meaningful dialogue, the chamber has successfully been able to fill the information gap that has been present in both the business community and the Uganda Revenue Authority. The tax seminars organized by the Chamber have become events that the business community looks forward to in order to help address their tax grievances.

Business development service / enterprise development training.

The business environment is a dynamic one that changes from time to time and there is need for the business community in Uganda to remain on track by adopting the latest and most efficient means of carrying out their trades. This why at the chamber through vigorous research and trainings we are able to offer enterprise development training to keep members of the business community abreast with what is going on all over the world so as to keep them highly efficient and competitive.

Sensitisation programmes on project planning and management.

Planning and management are essential components to any business and failure to maintain efficiency of these two aspects is most likely to result into the failure of any organization or business. At the Chamber we offer sensitization programmes on project planning and management with the aim of making businesses more productive and significantly increasing their life spans.

Assisting in network / cluster formation.

Network/ cluster formation is an important service that the chamber provides with the aim of helping companies and businesses stand out as stronger blocks through being arranged in cluster formations. It is always much easier to with stand the pressures that emerge in the business community as a group than when you are individuals therefore network/ cluster formations are key to improving the ease with which companies transact their business.

Offer finance and technical support

The chamber through its very large connection to different organizations and institutions also plays a major role in offering finance and technical support. This is usually done through projects with some of its strategic partners who are interested in developing certain sectors and therefore being a member of the chamber offers such lucrative opportunities in the form of finance and technical support.

Business registration.

Business registration is a tedious and very cumbersome procedure. This has been one of the most discouraging factors to beginning entrepreneurs simply because of the amount of time consumed and the number of inconveniences experienced. At the chamber we endeavour to take members through the entire process and guide them through the least tedious ways of registering companies without undergoing a lot of stress and inconveniences.

Trade / market information dissemination

Markets are ever changing and new trends are ever taking place, new trade policies and a wide range of other things tend to emerge and in order for traders to avoid being left behind there I a need to research and the chamber is a one stop centre for all trade/market information that is widely sought after by members of the business community.

Guiding on potential business to invest in.

Making the right decision on what business to invest in is usually an extremely difficult task for both local investors and foreign investors. The chamber provides information on different businesses supported by up to date trends and statistical information, which helps in offering guidance to people on the most profitable businesses to venture into.

Issue documentation, certification, loan and bank account opening recommendation

The chamber issues documentation for a number of issues and prepares letters of introduction to its members to embassies, offers certificates of origin and other documents. These are very essential documents that can be very taxing to obtain through the usual channels but the chamber offers a more relaxed, faster and efficient approach to obtain all relevant documentation.

UNCCI offers consultancy/business development services

The chamber offers consultancy services on different aspects of business. A number of research studies can also be tailored to meet the exact demands and needs of our clients. The chamber appreciates adding value to businesses through consultancies and is always ready to actively partner with companies to find better ways of carrying out their business related activities.

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