SME-ICT Project

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The SME-ICT Project involves provisioning of the entire spectrum of IT to SME, i.e. IT Infrastructure, Software solutions, Consultancy, Technical Support, Business Process Outsourcing and Training, by Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI ) and its Partners.
Brief Background
SMEs need a rapid transformation in their business processes to promote appropriate environments and programmes to overcome market failures, enhance their development, competitiveness, productivity and speed up decision making. We believe that this can only be achieved by inclusively integrating functional ICT into business processes. Statistics show that SMEs accounts for roughly three thirds (87%) towards the development of the economy in the World, with micro enterprises accounting for 44 %, small enterprises accounting for 26%, and medium sized enterprises accounting for 17%.

We, UNCCI, come up with an ICT strategy to support SME business processes. This SME-ICT Project integrates and embeds ICT components into SME business processes to enable them to compete for the global supply chain, bid for outsourcing businesses, and increase their internal productivity and efficiency.

To inclusively integrate functional ICT into SME to enhance their e-knowledge, competitiveness and productivity through E-inclusion activities, easy access to information and modern ICT skills.

Strategic Objectives

To integrate and embed ICT components into business processes.

To empower SMEs with current and competitive ICT solutions and knowledge.

To promote appropriate technologies, approaches, and emerging issues, in the SME - ICT sector.

To promote suitable business environments for SMEs.

Developing activities that will enhance IT skills among SMEs and the community.

To encourage UNCCI membership recruitment.   SME ICT network.

Liaison with all ICT stakeholders.

To organize SME- ICT exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

To create ICT entrepreneurship.

Fundraising Activities.

To seek assistance of ICT equipment and systems for the benefit of target groups (UNCCI Members).

Volunteer training and development.

To boost the ICT sector in Uganda, East Africa and the World at large.

To increase the productivity, accuracy and effectiveness of workers and their employers.



certificates of Origin

The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the few agencies in the country that are able to issue traders with certificates of origin. This is a very essential role since products can not be exported without this document; therefore the Chamber plays a major role in the documentation process of trade in the country.The chamber not only offers these certificates but also provides them at a subsidized price in a hustle free environment. This is because we appreciate the role of the business community to the development of the country and we realize the importance of issuing trade documents in the shortest time possible.




Through annual dinners, meetings, conferences and other events organized by the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, its members are able to network with one another and even build up business relationships through being bonded together by the Chamber spirit.

In every part of the world building reliable and credible business networks is not an easy task. This is why the Chamber steps in to fill such gaps for its members so as to help them grow by enforcing them with partners who matter and who can deliver them to the next level that they would like their businesses to reach.

A large of Chamber members can testify to a variety of opportunities that have come their way through merely interacting with other chamber members while networking at such events. Interaction and exchange of ideas is an essential ingredient to keeping up with the dynamic and ever changing face of the business scene and if one is to keep on track the most appropriate mode would be to take advantage of the networking platforms that the chamber offers to its members.

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