President Uganda National Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting speech.

Olive Kigongo, president UNCCIThe President of the Republic of Uganda, Invited guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to this year’s Annual General Meeting, celebrating not only our 2018 accomplishments but also over 85 years of existence worth being a vibrant organization, focused on enhancing business opportunities locally, regionally, and internationally. We have served the business community through trade and marketing development at all levels in the country delegating government services and we continue to advocate for the private sector in the business achievements.

Your Excellency, It is so important for us to have these opportunities to connect with our community; after all – that’s what it’s all about for us: successful community inclusion. I wanted to start by thanking you for joining us this morning; your support and presence here is indicative of the steps we’ve made in the right direction, and of the possibilities of what could be as we continue on this path.

Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is known around the world as a leader in its field. We are proud of our reputation and have worked hard to establish it. The chamber encompasses all private sectors with the bulk being small and Agro-based/Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

UNCCI sectors include internal and external trade, industry, tourism, transport and Agribusiness services. Most importantly, UNCCI works with other key partners and players to ensure the enabling environment for the sustainability of the private sector led growth It has been important for us as a Centre to enter this phase with not only the same passion and purpose when UNCCI was established 85 years ago, but also to add our own flavor to the mix. To do that, we needed to review our practices to establish: A multi-sectoral membership, with a nationwide outreach.

The Chamber is characterized by a network of district Chamber branches which cut across all regions in districts of Uganda. · A refocused passion that reflects the needs of today’s autism community, aiming to attain eminent business association dedicated to advancing, commerce, and industry relations within Uganda and globally through its networks within the International business community. · A renewed presence, to command the national stage and a rejuvenated purpose that would inspire our clients, our staff, and the community to push for more business inclusive at all levels. This review came at the perfect time and allowed us to define a clear baseline to capitalize on the opportunity to work with others and share our broad organization vision. Recent developments We have undertaken many projects to prepare for this moment, some you can see, and many you can’t.

For instance, you wouldn’t know that we’ve completely redeveloped our internal project and strategy logistic and communication systems to increase accountability and transparency within our leadership team, and we have a strategic plan that guides us through. We are also planning to initiate a new employee recognition and client achievement program, to really highlight and capture the work that we do in the country right from the grassroots to the national level. Each of you has received a copy of our 2018 Annual Report, which features our achievements and challenges, we call upon the government’s strong support and reflective of the work we do every day.

Your Excellency once again, this is to inform you that we have, our new tagline for 2019 which is: Leading. Empowering and inspiring others. This will serve as a reminder for us to always aspire for more; to continue as leaders in our field, to empower the clients we hold dear to our hearts, and to inspire the communities near and far to not only accept, but also to embrace individuals with autism into their lives and into society for a better and transformed lifestyle. This renewed visual identity and tagline will be developed by a team of professionals with input from our dear members in the house today, and the support of our staff and the Board.

The changes we are undertaking during this year are preparing us for this moment: to enter the New Year with not only grace, but also gusto. Looking forward and looking back. The accomplishments of this year can be added to a long line of achievements in the history of this organization: We’re not stopping here though.

Today’s annual general meeting is about the success we have met as an organization, the synergy we have found within these walls, the barriers we have knocked down, and the opportunities we have built up. But more than that, this is about the success that we have witnessed in the lives of our clients and their families, the tears of joy, their smiling faces, and the tales of how their lives have changed forever.

The future is bright. Uganda National Chamber of commerce and industry is 85 years and fabulous; stronger than ever before, and ready to push the limits.

Thank you.

Olive Z. Kigongo