Ready market for Ugandan Coffee

ug coffee ready market

Uganda is among the largest producing and exporting countries of coffee products in the world. Coffee production has heavily contributed to both domestic and foreign earnings in the country. Moreover, coffee also serves as a primary source of labor, especially for the rural smallholder farmers.

Coffee production in Africain increased by 16 % from 15.7 million bags during the crop year 2011/12 to 16.7 million in 2012/13, accounting for 11.5 % of the total world production.

The major producing nations in the region showed increases in production. For instance, the largest producing country in Africa remains Ethiopia with 6.4 million bags in 2012/13, followed by Uganda (3.7 million) 

Uganda grows both Robusta and Arabica coffee in a ratio of 4:1 and due to this strong History, "Eurl ZAF FOOD" from Algeria led by Mr. Nacer ALiche held a meeting with Coffee farmers and Traders at UNCCI Secretariate to harmonize and forge a way to increase market and Coffee trade between the two countries. The Algerian Delegation Offered a Huge market for Coffee from Uganda 

Those interested in Exporting Coffee to Algeria, Please reach out to our Business development officer at

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