Our Services

Supporting vocational skills development

In Uganda, there has for long been a problem of a high unskilled labor force coupled up with high unemployment rates. This has led the Chamber to act in order to solve this problem by supporting vocational skills development so as to create a brighter future for Ugandans by empowering them with developmental and practical skills which can help in the long term eradication of poverty.

Support young entrepreneurs

The Chamber of Commerce plays a major role in supporting young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship has been noted as one of the most effective tools to eradicating poverty in African countries which suffer from fast-growing populations and at the same time have some of the world’s highest unemployment rates.

The chamber has therefore endeavored to play a major role in supporting initiatives that promote innovativeness and creativity amongst the youth so as to promote the effectiveness of the tool of entrepreneurship in fighting poverty within Uganda.

Customized statistical reports

The Chamber also produces a number of customized reports which are used to help in decision making processes by business people allover the country. Every top executive dreads making a wrong decision that results in massive loss of money to their companies. The only true way to avert such disastrous mistakes is by basing decisions on credible, up to date information concerning the latest business trends and figures.

Lobbying and Advocacy

The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and industry through its lobbying and advocacy department carries out research on the different issues affecting the business community and presents them to the different bodies with which it is affiliated so as to promote a more conducive and productive business environment. It also studies different laws and policies in order to safeguard the business community.

Issuing Certificates of Origin

The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the few agencies in the country that are able to issue traders with certificates of origin. This is a very essential role since products can not be exported without this document; therefore the Chamber plays a major role in the documentation process of trade in the country. The chamber not only offers these certificates but also provides them at a subsidized price in a hustle free environment.

Facilitate inward and outward trade and investment missions

There are a number of inward and outward trade missions in which the Chamber has participated in. The Chamber has also made it possible for a good number of its members to take part in these activities like trade shows and exhibitions which greatly contribute to the development of business enterprises. Marketing oneself or their products is essential and of the most thrilling and adventurous techniques of doing this is through participating in inward and outward trade missions.

Dissemination of up-to-date Business Information and Opportunities

The business community is ever in search for up to date reliable information pertaining to the different trades that they are engaged in. The chamber is the one-stop centre for all these needs since all relevant information can be obtained at the Uganda chamber of commerce in addition to a wide range of opportunities that one can obtain by merely becoming a member. The world is a global village today and several barriers have been broken down through modern technology and communication systems.

Business Advisory Services

The Chamber has the most efficient expertise tailored to cater for the needs of the business community, ranging from small retail outlets to huge multinational corporations. This, therefore, makes it ideal for membership due to the business advisory and development services that the Chamber offers. Business is one of the most dynamic activities in the world and due to its ever-changing nature it presents a number of hardships especially to those involved in deciding the future of different businesses.