Facilitate inward and outward trade and investment missions

There are a number of inward and outward trade missions in which the Chamber has participated in. The Chamber has also made it possible for a good number of its members to take part in these activities like trade shows and exhibitions which greatly contribute to the development of business enterprises.

Marketing oneself or their products is essential and of the most thrilling and adventurous techniques of doing this is through participating in inward and outward trade missions. This can involve traveling to other countries to sell your products or to buy machinery that is on offer at attractive prices.

Through becoming a member of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce all the opportunities can be unfolded and presented to you since as the chamber we are able to lead you through it all and deliver opportunities that you and your business had never imagined.

The vast contacts and relationships that the chamber has been able to build over these many years of existence make it the ideal partner for the most fruitful business adventure when taking part in trade missions.